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At Kidd's & Canvas Parties we make art fun for everyone! Whatever you or your childs skill, age, or experience we have fun filled painting sessions. Whether you need a mid-day or mid-week escape, want to explore your little one’s talent, seeking refreshing kids birthday party ideas or are searching for new play date activities, look no further, we accommodate them all. 

There are many great packages that can be tailored for birthdays, holidays, fundraising, parties, playdates, ladies night, couples date night and much more. 


You will work with our Party Hostess to choose a date, time and party package that works best for you. Then simply send out the invitations and we do the rest! Our parties are completely personalized to your wishes and will be artist led, step-by-step, start to finish on recreating the painting selected by you!

Shed the stress and worry of party planning and sit back and enjoy while we take care of everything and the kids have a fantastic time. 

Why a Kidd's & Canvas Art Party? 

  • They are FUN!
  • We are locally owned and operated & Offer Amazing FULL SERVICE Parties! 
  • No party favors required - guests take home their creations! 
  • We host your party from start to finish & you get to enjoy your guests! 
  • Packages for children of all ages,
  • We have a beautiful studio to have your party in or we can bring the party to your location, 
  • We clean up EVERYTHING! No Mess means NO STRESS


Keysha Kidd is first and foremost... a mom and wife. She and her loving husband, Clint Kidd, have two children that LOVE to paint! They spend many hours at the easel painting, singing, laughing and playing! She has a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology and has found through the years that laughter IS the best therapy! After 10 years in the business world she decided to stay home after the birth of her second child. That was now several years ago and they are still having a blast everyday.  Keysha is extremely patient, kind and full of energy. She is natural when it comes to children and with her bubbly personality she keeps children engaged in the activity. 


Our mission is to develop your child’s sense of art and allow them to bring forth their visions onto canvas while they play, laugh and have a great time! 

We believe in giving to those in need and look forward to supporting local charities and fundraisers. If you have a school or charity in mind, we would love to participate. Please contact:

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Owner - Keysha Kidd (432) 312-0273